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Important Notice!

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Publishing MC Works

So, there are various places minecraft maps and minecraft mods had been released, both official and unofficial sources. The community's been distributing mods and maps for a long time now, and these kind of pirated sites are redistributing the contents. Today, I'll be discussing the unofficial side, so you don't have to fall for dangerous stuff.

Discussing The Matter

There are some sites that pirated creator's mods and Minecraft maps which sometimes give little to no credit at all. Furthermore, these sources sometimes have virus in the file you downloaded. Of course, this is both scary in the aspect of creators and players. This both violates the interlectual property rights and the Minecraft EULA which is surprising when you consider how many of these kind of websites exist. Most notorious in the community being which many creators (including me) fell victim to. You can check out the pirated websites you should be aware of below.

List of Pirated Websites

Official Sources

Where can I check out official creator pages? Well, most creators usually publish their work on websites like Mod creators will usually publish theirs on Curseforge or Modrinth. Meanwhile, map creators will publish their maps on as well. Basically, support the sites that actual accounts in the name of creators that published their work in. I'll leave my official sources down below:

Why Is It Still Here?

Although most creators had been filing complains against websites like since 2014, they simply decided not to stop distributing people's content. So, sadly, there's nothing we can do except educate people not to download stuff from websites like this because it both risks you getting a virus, and not supporting the creator at all.

Closing Remarks

The only thing I could do right now is to educate my audiences about such websites that I could do nothing but file meaningless complaints about. If I looked at the bright side, maybe it's free promotion? But still, don't download from these websites, and take things in the internet with a pinch of salt. Until then, keep creating!

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