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About Me!

Who Are You, Really? I wanna know!

Who Are You?

I am a 15 year old Minecraft Map Maker and Minecraft Content Creator from Thailand. I'm a highschool student.
(My lawyer advised me not to put out more info.)


What Maps Do You Make?

I usually make Minecraft Parkour Maps, such as Ja-Wipeout, Border Line, and Parkour: Route 98 were all made by me. I sometimes make unfair maps as well, such as Unfair Artem, or Unfair Ja-Wipeout.

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How's Your Jouney?

When I started playing Minecraft, I'd only play on my survival world, until I felt bored. When I saw people playing custom maps, I say, "why don't I make it myself?" So, I started practicing on making Minecraft maps on bedrock before I published the first one in 2020, then transitioned to Java in 2021.


What's Your Motivation?

I love coding, and Minecraft. Map Making has both. I'm also proud to be in a community of Map Makers, or what I like to call 'Cartographers'. I also like to make games for other people to play as well.

Your Personality?

What am I like in real life? Well...

" He's kind, kinda funny, playful, maybe too playful, but he dislikes scary stuff. " - My Friend, 2023


I'm glad to be working with many people in the Community, but my biggest one is probably when I see people playing my maps. I consider it as a titanic success.


Meet The People!

Meet all the people relavant in my map making circle! Thanks to them, I could make the maps I make today!

Map Makers

Map Makers!

Here are my close map-making friends!
- Omar6374
- Teddyishappyl
- Artem
- Sk0ck0


Here are my close map tester friends!
- PoldsSlippers
- SimonDMC
- Aspookabie

Map Makers
Map Makers

Content Creators!

Here are my close content creator friends!
- The Classic Cookie Gaming
- TheHappywheels1
- KeyDevy

I'm a Huge Fan!

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